Monday, December 8, 2014

Hoping for Better Days

Since we got home last month my expectations of getting back to a more normal routine just didn't happen.  Instead of being able to get out and see friends and attend church services, it was more of the same periods of home bound isolation.  I developed a lingering period of nasal congestion with an ugly cough and the yucky feeling of having the winter crud. To make matters worse, my old ingrown toe nail got infected again so I had to have more treatment on it. Recovery is taking very long with daily Epsom Salt foot (toe) soaks and wound dressing changes.  (Janine's workload never ends.)

The positive side was that we were home for Thanksgiving. Janine prepared a wonderful, traditional meal with turkey and our favorite dishes.  James, Taylor and Mo came up from Hattiesburg and spent several delightful days with us, adding family warmth and love to our home for the holidays. Even though I was under the weather, their presence was so special and enjoyable.

Today, marks the first time I have felt somewhat better in over a month. I apologize for not keeping this blog up to date lately. Maybe I can do better as I start to feel better.

As for my MDS condition, things are progressing well with the treatment.  I just completed the 28th day of the second cycle of the experimental drug.  My routinely monitored diagnostic test have been good, even though my red and white blood cell counts were not as high as we had hoped. We will be back at MD Anderson midweek through Friday for more testing and begin the 3rd cycle of treatment if my results are still good.

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