Saturday, May 30, 2015

AG-221 Medication Monthly Update

Yesterday I had my 28 day (every 4 week) evaluation and testing at MD Anderson. This one involved my blood tests early that morning, a bone marrow aspiration procedure, an echocardiogram with my doctor (medical team) visits.  For the most part it was a smooth morning with only about an overall one hour delay.  By 1:00pm we had checked out of the Rotary House hotel and traveled north to spend a long weekend with the Paul's.

While we do not have the results yet of all the above test, my blood counts continue to be good. Meeting with the medical team was most encouraging as they all continue to give us positive affirmations regarding how well I am doing. As for me, I continue to get stronger and feel better than I have in over a year.  I was approved to continue with the current course of medication using the experimental AG-221 medication. Friday I started my 9th cycle of the drug. Having very successfully completed 8 months I continue to be one of the best responding patients to this protocol.

Thanks Sarah, Ryan, Cason and Clare Paul for hosting us for the weekend. Also, thanks Dee Espey for traveling with us and entertaining us with your ways. Janine you are my life throughout all this adventure. Thanks for everything.