Thursday, February 9, 2017

MDA "Hilton"

Last night we checked out of the MD Anderson Hospital (Hilton) after a five day and five night stay. Our luxurious suite was complete with a reclining, adjustable bed and a Murphy Bed beneath our 11th floor window view of NRG Stadium, home of Super Bowl LI. Included was a modest bathroom/shower combination. The water pressure was below standard and it took approximately 5 minutes for the hot water to get warm. The room temperature remained at a balmy 77 degrees regardless of lower settings that did not do any good. They did get that fixed the morning we were set to check out. We finally got checked out at 7:00pm. Typical MDA times.

The reason for our dream Super Bowl weekend was my getting very lethargic and feverish late Friday afternoon. It hit me so quickly that we feared I had the flu. Once we got to the Emergency Center about 5:30pm I was beat. Within an hour my temperature spiked to 102+. Testing ruled out flu but it would take days to grow blood cultures for a definitive diagnosis. I was finally moved to our "suite" about 1:00am Saturday.

Of the three previous hospital stays at MDA over the past three years this was the smallest room we have had. Before, Janine would spend the nights in a hotel or apartment. This time she camped out on the Murphy bed because there was no room at the inn. She was able to see the NRG roof open at halftime and did not see Lady GaGa's fake leap. Ha! She did see the smoke rise from the fireworks. I watched the fake versions on TV and was impressed. The game was pretty cool, too. We estimate the cost of our Super Bowl far exceeded that of anyone who was in attendance.

I was given three new antibiotics mostly via IV with one  or two by capsule or tablet. Also, I received three units of red blood cells due to dropping hemoglobin levels. I also started daily nuepogen shots to boost my seriously deficient white cells. By the day before discharge no specific diagnosis was determined so they called it neutropenic fever. (The fever broke after 24 hours and never went above normal the next four days.) A CT scan of my chest done the day before discharge revealed pneumonia in my right lower lobe. Why it took four days to do that is beyond me. The last four times in the MDA Hilton revealed pneumonia within one or two days. Needless to say I was happy to get out of there before they tried to treat it for another two weeks in hospital. Now I will get treatment IV antibiotics in clinic for 7 to 10 consecutive days. Most of these will be done in The Woodlands MDA clinic. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be in the main campus in The Texas Medical Center.

Friday morning I will also see Dr. Kadia for my monthly appointment that was delayed while I was hospitalized.