Friday, December 12, 2014

Cycle 3

We had a great check up at MD Anderson today. Though Dad has been battling a cold/sinus crud since Thanksgiving, he's been feeling better and better this week (I think Texas suits him well).

His lab work and most recent bone marrow tests show that the drug he is on is WORKING and his MDS is still in "remission". Most of his blood counts have been steady rising since he started the drug. His white counts and the others that we all really watch for infection jumped right after the protocol started but had been steadily sinking. They appear to finally be on the rise again which, we were told, is what they expect to see and what we hope to continue to see.

The doctor was very pleased and said he doesn't have many (any?) patients with counts as good as Dads. He told us that the drug Dad is on is still very much the topic of conversation at their big conference that he attended this week.  They are seeing 30-40% response and while that may sound low, for a cancer with no cure, this is great. 

Mom and Dad will head home tomorrow for a few days then return again the week of Christmas for their last "day 15" check up.  Starting in Cycle 4, its just a monthly visit so we all are looking forward to less time at MD Anderson (though what an amazing place, and it does sort of feel a bit like home to Mom and Dad now).


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