Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter - April 20, 2014

Today I had my last treatment in my third round of the chemo injections. Yes, even Easter Sunday morning is not immune from the necessary treatments prescribed by my Doctor. While God's healing touch knows no days off , I suppose his medical disciples must do the same.  On Resurrection Sunday we pray that the one who came for us, served us, taught us, died for us and was raised for our salvation will grant me the healing touch of his grace.

We finally were able to get to a church worship service this morning, our annual Sunrise Service at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. This was the first time in three months to make it back to the church, so this was a wonderful blessing to join our friends and neighbors in Worship. We met outside at 6:30 am and saw the sun rise on a nice, cool Easter morning. Afterward, we enjoyed a good breakfast hosted by the church, as well. I was uplifted, enjoyed the fellowship, message and seeing the Rising Sun along with the Risen Son.

So far our journey has been a blessing to behold. Oh it has not been without a few rough spots but we have been filled with so many acts of kindness, love and prayers that it sustains us every day. We continue to meet amazing medical care givers at the Jackson Oncology Associates clinic and at the Baptist Hospital here in Jackson. They are truly special people who provide the most uplifting, compassionate care I have ever encountered by medical professionals. I may elaborate more on these fine people in a later post.


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey. You write so well and your words are uplifting and inspirational. I think you should collect them and find some way to publish them so others can benefit from your insights. I am so glad you are surrounded by so many who can shine the light to sustain you through this.

  2. Thanks. Maybe you could help me with that?