Thursday, February 13, 2014

Test Results - More Tests

The one thing about medical people is they love to test. The colonoscopy and EGD revealed a few polyps that were precancerous and were removed for biopsies. More polyps were found in my gallbladder or could be gallstones so Dr. Hogan, indoscopy doctor, referred me to consult with a surgeon. Also, he was very concerned about my low blood levels so he referred me to an oncologist/hematologist for further evaluation. Finally, he recommended I have a CT scan of my abdominal area.

When it's late in the year you've already met your deductible so why not make sure.  So Christmas time was full of tests and doctor visits. The last one I saw was in mid-January, Dr. Tammy Young, oncologist/hematologist, with the Jackson Oncology Clinic.

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