Friday, February 7, 2014

Physical Followup December 15th, 2013

In the two weeks between the 2nd and 15th, my urinary infection appeared to be better but I began to experience pretty bad pain in my right hip. By the date of my follow up it was very painful, almost as bad as when I had fractured my pelvis 6 years ago. However, that was my left hip and this latest pain was in the right hip. I didn't recall falling or doing anything to injure it other than my daily walks, one of which was 10 miles.

Dr. Headley confirmed my urinary infection was clear. He listened to my description of the hip pain and ordered an x-ray, the results of which showed severe arthritis in my right (good) hip. But as the days wore on in December the pain got so much worse, I figured I may have a fracture. Anyway, I reminded Dr. Headley about the need to do an additional blood work-up due to the low counts from 2 weeks before.

He had forgotten this until I remembered it but agreed we should do it to be careful.  The blood levels for all major categories had dropped again so now Dr. Headley looked very concerned.  That's low red, and white cells plus lower than normal platelets. Since I was also having more frequent acid re-flux he referred me for a colonoscopy and EGD exam.

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