Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hematology/Oncology Dr Young Takes Charge

After Dr Young saw us on my first appointment on January 22nd we knew she was very concerned at my lower than normal blood counts. Even their clinic's blood test were not any better than others and a few levels were even lower. The White and Red cell counts were the most concern with lower than normal platelets, also. So Dr. Young discussed several diagnosis possibilities which sounded very scary but she wanted to have me get a Bone Marrow Aspersion and Biopsy. She said this test would give us a definitive answer and proper diagnosis. That didn't sound very fun or very good. She was very assuring but never wanted to say I was ok, because she knew I was sick. She wanted this test so we would know better what we were dealing with and, more importantly,  what treatment was best.

We were lucky to get into have that done the next day, January 23, 2014. I basically went under a local anesthesia and a "feel good cocktail" for the procedure performed by a woman doctor in the Baptist Hospital Colonades next door to the Hederman Cancer Clinic where Dr. Young is located. She tapped into my hip back pelvis area and drew out a small piece on my bone and it's marrow. The procedure went well with little discomfort.

The bad side of it was having to wait 2 weeks for the results. All the while my anemia is making me very tired and more susceptible to infection. We all agreed I needed to stay away from sick people by avoiding crowds. So I did and we waited.

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