Thursday, February 20, 2014

Insurance Issues - Medicare

Since we had to wait two weeks for the biopsy results it gave me time to concentrate on pressing health insurance matters.  I was/am scheduled to go on Medicare on March 1, 2014 which is great but trying to get an understanding about necessary Medicare Supplemental Insurance can be challenging.  This was especially so for us since we have always been covered via our group insurance plans where we worked. Once I retired from the City of Jackson in 1996 I was added to Janine's group policy with the State of MS. It was smooth sailing from then until now.  However, when you are in the middle of some very expensive medical procedures the last thing you want is to drop or lose coverage.  This could kill us financially as health care expenses are totally ridiculous if you are not insured.

So my investigation into the various options became an obsession.  On top of that about 6 months prior to becoming Medicare eligible, I started getting all kinds of unsolicited mailings, e mailings and phone calls from agencies and companies wanting me to sign up with them for supplemental coverage. I did talk to a few of them and let them educate me, so to speak.  Finally, after hearing from and reading so much stuff, I decided to call a friend who was in the insurance business but retired, now. He recommended a few names of people he respected and should call. This proved most helpful as I was able to learn more and find someone local to deal with instead of people from all over the country trying to get my business. Ironically, it was a cold call I received one day from a very nice sounding lady with a local insurance agency that impressed me more than any I had gotten.  She identified herself and agency and simply ask if it would be alright if they mailed me some information about their Medicare Supplements Policies. I said yes, it was in the mail the next day, I liked what I read, called the agency and had a very good discussion with the owner.  Later he and I met in my home and I enrolled in one of the plans he represents.  What a weight off my mind to have that settled. The only other thing was to secure a Medicare Part D (Drug Plan).  That was pretty easy as I had already been advised by four different people the best one to chose. So I went on line and enrolled in the Drug plan.

Now that all of that is settled and done I have cleared my mind for the matters of actual healing.

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