Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

With four cycles of double chemo completed we reflect on this "New Normal" with "Thanksgiving". I'm grateful we can live with my cancer while fighting, struggling and surviving. Cycles 3 and 4 were not without challenges. My important blood counts did not respond with much improvement but were steady and pleasing to my medical team. Today is the 17th day after the start of Cycle Four and hopefully the bottom of my downward trending counts. Transfusions of blood and platelets were done in the last few days giving me much needed strength and blood flow stability. Today, I had another in a frequent series of blood tests and lab analysis, followed by a review with my APN. The counts are still not high enough for us to be in large gatherings of friends and family so a traditional Thanksgiving gathering is not a smart idea. I miss these times the most of all the downs in our journey. Janine is a great cook however, so we will enjoy our meal together.

Below is a prayer I have used and offered at times of Mississippi family Thanksgiving dinners. It became a traditional heartfelt offering of gratitude to God for our many blessings. More than ever it still remains our prayer lifted up to our heavenly father in gratitude. If you were ever with us on such occasions please enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow knowing we cherished those sweet times with you all.

Thanksgiving Prayer
Robert Davis
November 22, 2001

We gather today around our Thanksgiving table praising you oh God with joy.
We’re thankful for this great land, things mighty and small, for seen and unseen splendor.
Thank you God for human life; for talking and moving and thinking together; for hopes and hardships shared with each other; for work and the strength to do our tasks.
We’re grateful for laughter and encouragement when we are happy or sad.
Thank you great God for our marriages; for the mystery and joy of flesh made one; for mutual forgiveness and burdens shared and for secrets kept in love.
Thank you loving Father for our families and for living together and eating together from your great bounty.
Thank you for letting us grow up and grow old; for wisdom deepened by experience; for leisure; and for time made precious by its passing.
Thank you for our children and grandchildren; for their energy and curiosity; their loving spirit and their joyful pursuit of happiness.
We offer now this prayer of Thanksgiving for whom all blessings flow.  For you oh God who gave us this eternal live through your son Jesus Christ our savior. 

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