Friday, September 30, 2016

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Today should be the one year anniversary of our new house move-in day. "New House" is a strange term because we had never owned a new house, before.  So this is a remarkable achievement for us. We were not considering purchasing a new house in our Texas destination but after looking at many resales on the market in our target areas, the new house option became a reality. We have enjoyed the look, feel and smell of our house.We are where we are because of my health. This was necessary in our hearts and minds. We also love being close to The Paul's (Sarah, Ryan, Cason & Claire). If not for them, I doubt we would have been able to see clearly what they saw coming several years ago; Not me getting sick, but our relocating to be closer to them. Getting sick just expedited the decision. Yesterday, I learned my bone marrow aspiration test revealed a "blast" count of only 1%. This means bone marrow remission, good news. Monday, I begin the 3rd cycle of the chemotherapy treatments, three consecutive days of IV and five days of injections, the same as was done last cycle.  This is sometimes known as rescue or maintenance chemo. It is not intended as a cure or a long term solution, rather maintaining my survival for longer, more enjoyable times to come. I will see Dr. "K" on Wednesday afternoon for more evaluation and update on future plans.

So Janine and I get to celebrate her birthday again at MD Anderson with her holding onto me while we share my trials and her great strength. We will also share our 45th Wedding Anniversary on the 9th of October " sickness and in health....".

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