Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dalewood Memories

I have been feeling a bit nostalgic lately so here is a memory to share. It was 20 years ago that Daddy sold the Dalewood property.  Our last time to spend a "Cousin's Birthday Party" at Dalewood was in August 1995. Sometimes memories of times and places from long ago give me a warm since of peace and joy. If you ever spent time at Dalewood with our family over the years you may enjoy this look back.

My White cell count has continued to trend downward to the point of concern. Today we go back to MD Anderson in The Woodlands Clinic for another blood test. It was only one week since my last blood draw there. When all was going well my blood test were scheduled every two weeks. So far no new treatment changes has been suggested nor have I had a new blood transfusion yet. Next week I go to the main Houston, MD Anderson for my monthly appointments with my care team.  I will have my bi-monthly bone marrow aspiration in addition to blood and other testing, so we should know more about what is going on after that visit. For now, we are just hopeful all is ok and that my White Cells are going to get better.

The recovery from my fractured rib is slowly getting better. This has been a tough time with much pain and discomfort.

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