Saturday, January 10, 2015

Another Good Long Day

Yesterday was a long day of blood tests, doctor and research nurse visits and other testing. Most went well with very good blood test results. My White cell counts were up again this time within the "normal" range, a blessing. All but one blood test indicator was good. The only real concern was the count that measures my pancreas. It shot up very high to a point of concern. My doctor ordered an echogram scan of my abdomin, gall bladder and pancreas the results of which showed mild pancreatitis.  He said it was not very bad but to reduce my diet of fatty foods for about a week. This explains why I had a very bad intestinal stomach burning for a few days last week, we suppose.

All in all it was a good day because I continue to respond very well to the research study drug. Also, I was allowed to have my "PICC" line removed which was inserted back in July for all the intravenous chemo, transfusions  and other antibiotics I was getting. It was also being used for the numerous blood tests I was having but hopefully now that I will only be on a once a month schedule of visits to MD Anderson I want need it as much as before. It was a lot of trouble and expense to maintain so we are pleased to have that done.

We are back on the road again heading home. I get very tired from all the travel but rejoice in good visits with a very positive a prognosis.

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