Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve

Yesterday I had blood test on day 15 of cycle 3 of the AG-221 test drug protocol. For the first time in several months my White Cell count rose to a very good level. That count had been slowly trending upward for several of my last tests over the past two weeks. This time it jumped up very quickly to 3.5. It is still below normal but so much better than before.

The White blood cells are the ones that fight infections. Because my counts have been so low for so long, my doctors have me taking several strong antibiotics, antiviral and anti fungus medications. While this helps to prevent infections, the side effects often make me sick in different ways. Hopefully, I may be able to get off of, or at least lower some of the dosages in the near future. We already know that my bone marrow "blast" are in remission. This latest blood test results means my "factory" is producing good cells again. With that my healing should continue.

On this evening before Christmas I am filled with the Joy of the season.  We attended the Candlelight worship service at The Woodlands United Methodist Church with Ryan, Sarah and Cason Paul. It was a beautiful, contemporary service with over 2,500 people in attendance. That many people hearing God's message, singing Christmas hymns, and sharing the light of Christ was truly amazing. 

As my recovery progresses and my healing increases I am mindful of the gift of prayer and the light of Jesus shared by so many.  Thanks for giving me the strength to join in this beautiful time with you, oh God. Merry Christmas!

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