Friday, September 12, 2014

El Chaparro Mexican Restaurant

While we sat in the long drive in line at the What-A-Burger in Jackson, just before we hit the road to Houston, I told Janine I wanted to travel the "Southern Route" via I55 South to I10 West coming into Houston closer to MD Anderson than if we went our usual, Northern route. You would have thought I told her the "sky was falling". Janine doesn't handle change very well. She likes the familiar, even when it's 50 miles or an hour longer than trying something different. So as we started out heading south on I55 I could feel her uneasiness growing and her protests getting stronger at my decision. When we turned onto the brief stretch of I20 West before I55South branches off towards South Misssissippi she decided to stay on I20 heading towards Vicksburg, our normal route. After all, she was driving, so it was her call. When you are at the wheel, logic prevails, even if the facts are against you. She is wiser than most.

So I started calculating the cost of her error in judgement and quickly discovered we should make it to Sarah and Ryan's house in Wood Forest by 5:30 pm., if we wanted to wait out the Houston rush hour and get in a brief visit with them and our precious grandchildren. It was at that moment that I thought of my favorite Mexican restaurant, El Chaparro. It's real close to their house so I figured we could meet them there, if they didn't have other plans. I sent Sarah a text message about the possibility of this without first asking Janine. Why rock the boat again with the "queen of change"! After about 5 minutes, Sarah replayed she was meeting her girl friends for supper but that Ryan and the kids would like to go with us to El Chaparro. (Not surprising as it is one of Ryan's favorite spots, as well.) Now that I had it set I broke the news to Janine. She laughed because she was now off the hook for whimping out on the change in my route choices.

We met Ryan at the house at 5:30 pm as planed. After a brief visit we left to get gasoline in route to the restaurant while Ryan picked up the kids from the day care. We all met at El Chaparro a little after 6 pm.  It was a delightful time, the kids were in great form and behavior. They have grown and blossomed into wonderful children, adorable and so very smart. Claire sat in her "Neanie's" lap  
the whole hour we were with them. They just bonded, warming each other's hearts and souls. It is beautiful to behold. Ryan, Cason and I enjoyed our meals and "man" bonding, as well. Thanks Sarah, we missed you, sort of.


  1. Glad u can still find things to enjoy during this ordeal.

  2. Yes I will likely loose my appetite soon, so this was a treat.