Friday, September 12, 2014

Change of Plans

We met with Doctor Kadia earlier today than originally scheduled. His nurse called this morning and ask me to get my labs done this morning which got me in to see the Dr about 2 hours earlier, also. He decided to hold off again on my chemo treatments for two more weeks. So we will be able to go back home on Tuesday after we see the Stem Cell Transplant team that morning.

For now I am currently in the Infusion Clinic receiving two units of red blood cells and two units of Magnesium. We started this about 5:30 pm so in 4 hours or there about we should be released to go back to our hotel. So the "roller coaster ride" continues. Saturday, Sunday and Monday will now be off days so we plan to check out of the hotel tomorrow and go spend this time with the Pauls.

A new development was revealed by Dr. Kadia today. He said a new study was being done which he thinks I could qualify. I don't remember all the details but it sounds most encouraging. It was described as being in the experimental stages with only 15 patients nationally in the study. He said there are a few more slots available so he was going to see if  I could qualify and get admitted. Apparently, my specific cells have an infection that can be treated with a new drug in the study that only a few people like me have. This is a far less invasive drug than I'm currently on. He thinks continuing on the trial may still be necessary but if I can get approved for the new study in a few weeks we will try that first. So we are hopeful this can come to happen. It may be a long shot because many other people throughout the country will be trying to get included. So stay tuned!

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