Thursday, August 7, 2014

Houston-Week Three

After meeting with the PA following Robert’s blood work Wednesday, we learned we will probably be in the Houston Medical Center district another week.  Robert’s counts have not started coming up enough for the team to feel comfortable letting us drive home.  Plus he is so weak that I would not feel comfortable driving that far with just the two of us.  We have started looking for an apartment for a short term lease since we will be coming and going so much in the future.

Robert is very weak.  We believe part of the problem is due to an antibiotic prescribed for him that he has never done well on.  His PA was surprised when she saw the dosage the hospital attending had prescribed when he left the hospital.  That medicine has been changed so hopefully we will begin to see a little improvement in his strength.  Today I rented a wheelchair so that I can get Robert from the hotel room to the front door of the hotel as we are really far from the elevator that leads to the front.  We take the hotel shuttle to the hospital so that we don’t have to worry about parking.  At the shuttle drop-off location, I pick up another wheelchair to get him around the hospital.  We meet with his MDS doctor Friday afternoon.

Because of the additional week in Houston and us going crazy in a small hotel room, we moved yet again to an extended stay hotel within walking distance to the hospital.  Of course, we are not walking but it is nice to know the hospital is so close.  We feel like we can breathe again having so much space.

Robert was able to sit up more today than he has the last several days.  He has eaten a little but not enough although I know this is all part of the side effects of his treatments.

Thank you all for your continued prayers.


  1. Praying for strength for all of you. Miss you guys

  2. Praying that you will be surrounded by God and see God daily. May God give you both strength and courage for the journey. We miss you, but know you are in God's hands.