Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday's Doctor Visit

Our visit with Robert’s doctor on Friday afternoon did not give us the desired results as far as our going home soon. Dr. K now wants us close by for two more weeks mainly because Robert has not recovered as quickly as he had hoped. He has been running a low grade temperature in the evenings which is of concern to the doctor.  He has remained too weak to travel or to do hardly any physical activity. His weight is down about 12 lbs since his hospital stay and his blood counts remain low. We had to go from the doctor’s visit immediately to the Ambulatory Treatment Center (ATC) at MDA for several infusions:  platelets, red blood cells, magnesium and fluids.  He also started a seven day antibiotic IV regiment.  We left the hospital at 10:45pm last night.  A really long day since we got there around 8:30 that morning.  The platelet count had dropped to its lowest level so the infusion was a big boost. The extra red cells have him feeling much better, energy wise today.  Robert has had trouble keeping himself hydrated and his appetite continues to be poor (although he has done better today).  The doctor told him to eat many small meals though out the day but nothing tastes good to him.  Also, his tolerance to strong oral antibiotics is not good so the doctors have changed these several times adding some, dropping others such that it makes it hard to keep track of what he is to take each day.  I have to have charts for everything.  Plus we are beginning to experience the “donut hole” of his Medicare drug plan.  I will be meeting with a pharmacist insurance specialist next week to discuss this.  

We  both want very much to get back home for a week or so but not if in constant fear of taking a turn for the worse without being close to Robert’s care team. For now we are still in a nearby hotel and Robert will be going to the ATC on a daily basis for some antibiotic infusions for seven days.  Of course, the every other day lab tests continue. 

We thank you for your prayers.  Please keep them coming.

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