Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MD Anderson On the Horizon

After my June 23, 2014 appointment with Dr. Young we discussed the possibility of a referral to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for an evaluation and second opinion from there MDS experts. She felt this was a good time for our going there since we had finished my last treatments over a month ago, things were not improving and my system was clear of the chemo treatments.  Apparently MDA likes to evaluate new patients after other treatments have finished. My first of two days of appointments begins on Tuesday, July 8th. If all goes well my last appointment will be on Wednesday after I have completed a variety of tests and lab work. Then I get to see my doctor for consultation, examination and evaluation on Wednesday afternoon.

We plan to travel to Houston on the Sunday before my appointments on Tuesday so we can get in a visit with Sarah, Ryan, Cason and Claire at their home. Since we will be driving long distances we will likely need to spend a few nights along the way going and coming.  We will also stay in a hotel for two nights near MDA on Monday and Tuesday. Long travel is not something I do well with these days so this is going to be an adventure.

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