Friday, April 25, 2014

Random Thoughts

  • This has been the most difficult few days post treatment as far as how I have felt and taking me far longer to rebound. Fatigue continues to be my biggest issue.
  • Yesterday afternoon I watched Janine mow, edge and weed eat the entire yard, front and back. Now that was a humbling experience. She has always been a "yard" girl for as long as I have known her, so it's no big deal for her to mow the lawn. In fact, some would say that's why I married her. For the record, we had no yard when we got married. For her to do the edging and weed eating is a stretch. She hates doing that, so I am the one who handled stuff she hates. That is why she married me. Janine is also hard on equipment, though. She can go through more lawn mowers than a yard service, but who'se complaining? Like I said, it's humbling to see her do the yard work without me. Maybe I should get her a riding mower.
  • Major League Baseball (MLB). Are you kidding me!? Rules? It's hard to believe how much I hate something, now that I loved for so long in my youth. The NFL is almost as bad, too. So did those sports change or was it me who changed with the passage of time?
  • Speaking of "time", now there's a great four letter word. I'd guess that word appears in more songs, poems, speeches, books, essays or other writings than any four letter word in the English language. Google it. I didn't, yet. What makes me love that word is how many definitions and connotations it has. Look it up in more traditional reference books, like a dictionary or thesaurus and you may be amazed at what you will find. 
  • Congratulations Tony Yarber, newly elected Mayor of the City of Jackson! We now have the potential to have a great city once again under his leadership. I noticed one of the greatest elected officials in the history of Mississippi was in attendance at his inauguration offering his support. Guess who? We will be just fine, Jackson.
  • Have you ever noticed that the people who push for "Prayer in Public Schools" do not attend public schools, nor do their children attend public schools. I guess that's why they don't attend because they want to go to schools that allow prayer. Strange how people like that are so inclined to speak out on issues they don't get.

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