Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blood Platelets

Today, Wednesday, March 5th, was my weekly blood tests (CBC).  We got to the clinic about 15 minutes earlier than my 11:00 am appointment time.  That worked out well as I was in and out before 11:00 am. While we were on our way home and to pick up a lunch carryout from McAlister's Deli, someone from Dr. Young's office called to say I needed to come back for platelets infusion because my count was very, very low. So we headed back to the JOA clinic after eating our lunch. The whole process to infuse me with a large bag of blood platelets took about 3 hours. Hopefully, that will do the trick and my platelets counts will stay at a better level. While in the hospital last week Dr. Young had me get a blood infusion of 2 units of blood with Red Cells as those counts had gotten too low.

I shouldn't be surprised that I've had to have more blood and platelets because Dr. Young said the chemotherapy injections would cause things to get out of whack for awhile.  I'm told to take all of this in stride as it's normal.  Being sick sure takes getting used to.

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