Saturday, September 26, 2015

"Storage Queen"

Janine's sister Dee has been one of our great Angels. She was also involved in all the packing and clearing out of the Jackson house. Dee is a "Storage Queen" having several storage lockers in her home town of Gulf Breeze, Florida. She helped us get organized and to physically do the heavy lifting and packing and loading and reloading and everything that goes with the process. She has been a huge relief to me. Dee has been the one who replaced me and picked up my load and carried it to where we are now.

She represents for us everything good about family. The above paragraph is real and true in every since of the word. However, it is a metaphor symbolic of the act of "bearing one's load". Words like that are indicative of Christian attributes since we believe Christ bears our burdens or loads in life if we will just call on him to do so.  

Dee was raised by one of the most Christian women I have ever known, her mother Jean Johnson. In over 50 years of knowing her I have never heard Jean utter a cross word or say anything bad about another person. Dee, Janine, Becky and Rosanne were raised right and I am the beneficiary of their goodness.

Dee has been a good sister to Janine throughout my sickness. Right after we returned to Jackson last year from long unexpected stays in Houston Janine needed to go back to work and catch up on a lot of missed task and duties. Dee traveled from Gulf Breeze, FL to Jackson and stayed with me during the day so Janine could go to work. My condition was so bad that I required someone to be with me 24/7 so Dee carried that load, too. She stayed with us for several weeks until Janine and I had to go back to Houston for longer stays. Then when we were finally able to get back home Dee found the time to come back to Jackson and help out again.

Dee you are the best! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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