Saturday, June 27, 2015

June 27, 2015 - Still Doing Good

We are traveling back home from our monthly Houston trip on Saturday. My appointment with our team at MD Anderson went well without too much delay. Once again my blood counts were good with no issues that need attention and I am feeling good.

During the month between my two recent doctor visits in Houston I had two outpatient surgical procedures in Jackson. One was a new issue that had developed about six weeks ago when a small redness rash appeared on my left forearm near my wrist. After topical cream ointments didn't help a Dermatologist exam confirmed it was a Squamous cell carcinoma (Skin cancer).  So it was removed about 10 days ago leaving a rather long scar on my arm from the procedure and stitches. The pathology report after the procedure confirmed that they removed all of the cancer cells. Hope you love this gross post procedure photo! 

That same week I went under the knife again for an old issue that I was unable to deal with when my blood counts were so low last year. So far my recovery from this has been slow but good. It was in a very sensitive area that was affecting my bowel movements so I was pleased to get that behind me, pun intended. (Ha) I will spare you the picture of that one!

So as we travel the highways and byways of Texas and Louisana heading home again, we rejoice in continued remission and another month of good health so to speak.

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