Thursday, October 2, 2014

Apartment Search

We haven't lived in an apartment since 1975, the year we moved to Jackson. (Except for a temporary apt. stay after the '81 flood.)  Prior to that, apartment living and the search process was a common task during our first four years of married life. Now nearly 40 years later securing an apartment has been challenging, if not interesting, to say the least. For the most part we have been "looking" sight unseen from our home in Jackson for temporary, furnished places in the medical center area in Houston. Phone calls, internet searches wth photo/video views, friends and family referrals and listings from our MDA social workers have been our main tools. For the most part we concentrated our search on the places that offer subsidies to Cancer patients. So we got on several wait lists but could never get anything confirmed. 

The biggest deterant to the process has been not knowing exactly when we would need to move in. My condition just does not lend itself to proper planning. So having grown weary of this process and the emotional stress that goes with it, we decided to be more proactive and look in the temporary, non subsidized market. We set Friday, October 3rd as our move in date regardless of the uncertainty. This resulted in several strong choices in more desirable locations with better amenities. The furnished places that allow short term leases are expensive but very nice. So we secured a place in the Medical/University (Rice) area and have signed a month to month contract. We travel today back to Houston for appointments at MDA on Friday morning and will move into the apartment Friday afternoon, barring any changes in my schedule.

So it's "On The Road Again" for another day of enjoying the highways and byways of Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. We will miss our MS home and friends for now but want miss all the travel back and forth to Houston. I'm going to get me some cowboy boots, a 10 gallon hat and a book that teaches how to say words like riiiiiiiight and tiiiiight correctly. "Go Texans" but not "Aggies" this week-end!


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