Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Traveling Home Again

We're on our way home again, having stopped along the way in Ruston, LA about 6:00 pm. Janine was tired from the drive and a lack of peaceful sleep the night before. Like Sarah she worried about what would be said by my Doctors. After the good news however, we didn't get on the road until about 12:30 so we needed to stop and rest instead of pushing our trip home in one day/night. I was very tired, too. We both crashed into bed about 8:30 pm and didn't move until 5:30 am (well not counting bathroom breaks throughout the night).

If you haven't read Sarah's post yesterday, please do. She put into words the best description of my Dr. visits. Thanks again, Sarah. You're the best daughter, EVER! She has become our recorder, our "sponge" soaking up every important detail that often goes unheard by Janine and me. Really, her post was longer than most but far more informative than I could ever write.

Once again, we look forward to getting home and resting for a bit. The travels (all by car) get tiring. We could fly, but to us, that would be even more stressful. Driving also gives us the freedom to take more "stuff" with us. When we go to MDA for appointments and treatments we never know for sure how long we will be there. So we pack with a lot more clothes and other necessities that could never happen if we flew. 

Recently I commented on decisions we need to make about important matters . Now that our treatment plans have become more focused and we just about have a timeline set, we know we now need to secure long-term (3 months or more) housing in Houston, in or very near the Medical Center area. They tell us to always be less than 20 minutes from MDA. Given Houston traffic, that is about 5 miles or less from the hospital and my clinics. We are enrolled on three apartment wait list that offer low rates for people in cancer treatment. Some are even free but these have long wait list so we likely will need to seek other options. Always unknowns to deal with!

So yes, we go home, rest, fatten me up while getting me fit and take care of household matters, again. We are happy and thrilled to be where we now are but still apprehensive about our next steps. God is good!

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