Sunday, September 14, 2014

Three Days of R & R

We are tired. Janine has been working like a dog tending to me and doing everything imaginable.  Having three days off to spend with Sarah, Ryan, Cason and Claire will be a great treat and diversion. We left MDA around 10 am this Saturday morning and drove up to their house, arriving a little after 11 am. I wish we could go home now but we have appointments on Tuesday of next week with the Stem Cell Transplant Team. We are so grateful that Sarah and Ryan live close by. When Ryan built their house he added an extra bedroom suite complete with a full private bath room on the ground floor for guests. We affectionately call it the "Mississippi Room" because it is decorated with memorabilia from Sarah's home town, Jackson and from our beloved "Dalewood" Lake near Meridian. When we visit them it becomes "Neanie & G-Paw's room, however. Thanks y'all for letting us stay with you for a few days.

If all goes as planned we will finish up at MDA sometime mid to late Tuesday morning and head back home until September 25th, when we travel back for treatment. The likely possibility of having a stem cell transplant in the near future is very encouraging. We know that process will change our lives for several months, having us move to Houston for a minimum of three months with numerous trips back and forth after that for about a year.

We have major decisions to consider as we approach all of this. Do we sell our Jackson house and permanently move to the Houston area? Leaving behind our church family and friends would be unbearable. Yet we can't afford to maintain two homes so far apart at this stage of our lives with constant travel back and forth between the two. Decisions!

In spite of our many concerns, I remain optimistic that God has a plan for us that we have never imagined. He will provide us with strength to do what he wants us to do. I just pray that we will have the courage do his will, not our own desires.

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