Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Released from the Hospital

Dad was discharged today.  He's doing better but still very tired and weak.  He's been working with physical therapy while in the hospital to regain his strength and she recommended he get a cane to help him walk.  

Mom and Dad are back together at the extended stay hotel near the Hospital. He's on strong antibiotics and anti fungal medications.  One of the medications is super expensive so until they get a price reduction approved, he'll be going to the hospital to receive it via IV every day. 

We will meet with his MDS team, Dr K and staff, on Friday afternoon to get the results of the bone marrow test and hopefully figure out when he'll let Dad go home for a couple of weeks.  So hard to go day to day without a plan but this is the path that we are on while we wait for a Bone Marrow Match. Cancer doesn't really like to make things easy or simple.

We have a long journey ahead of us but we are enjoying the small victories.  Hoping and praying that Dad won't see a hospital bed until its time for a transplant!  Thankful I live/work close enough to visit, bring supplies, give hugs, etc.  

Keep praying!

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